Thank you for becoming a Petition Educator.

By sharing the petition, you are helping to spread information about runaway inequality and what we can do about it. Share to Facebook. Share to Twitter.

Not only is this an important educational process, but if the petition catches on it could be used to force politicians to address the way runaway inequality is damaging our society and country.  We can help shift the terms of that debate. Here’s an article that describes the need for this educational network.

There are two ways to collect names for the petition drive:

1) You can ask people to sign the petition online at the Action Network.

2) You can print out the petition (click here) and have folks sign it.

When you collect names on paper petitions: Please enter the names and personal information on the RRI Paper Petition List or by filling out this form. Email the spreadsheet back to

Then, either photograph the sheets and email them to, or mail them to: Runaway Inequality, 490 7th Street #3, Brooklyn NY 11215.

If you have any questions concerning this process please write to

Don’t forget to share the petition online via social media and emails.

Many thanks for joining the Reversing Runaway Inequality Education Network.