Reversing Runaway Inequality Workshop Materials

This curriculum was originally designed for a full-day in-person workshop for 20-25 people, but the material can be adapted for almost any situation, like showing one or two charts to a few people during lunch, or holding a one-hour version of the workshop for a small group. All of us need to figure out the best ways we can use the curriculum in our communities to promote discussion about runaway inequality.

The workbook and Small Group Activity method it uses have been field-tested all over the country and they work, but you’re free to use the materials the way that works best for you and your group. Let us know what has worked for you at

Workshop curriculum & related materials

(Curriculum files available at

Reversing Runaway Inequality workbook, divided into a series of activities for participants to complete in small groups. These were revised in February 2021.

Reversing Runaway Inequality workbook (en Espanol), divided into a series of activities for participants to complete in small groups

Participante | Entrenador

Video presentation by Les Leopold. Excerpts used in portions of the workbook

Pledge sheet for Activity 9 (rev. 6/2/17)

Alternate activity on environment & runaway inequality (Activity 7) (rev. 6/2/17)

Introduction to the Small Group Activity Method (rev. 6/15/17)

Small Group Activity Method FAQ (link)

Small Group Activity Method “Say/Don’t Say” (link)


We periodically hold train-the-trainer sessions that cover both the material and the Small Group Activity method. Join us to receive our monthly newsletter, which will let you know what public meetings are planned in your area.

In the meantime, bring your skills and associations and use the curriculum and related materials to facilitate conversations.