Become a Solidarity Builder!

Scenes from some trainings and workshops.

To build a movement large enough to reverse runaway inequality and all its connected ills, we all need to promote solidarity among our many peoples and movements.

What Do Solidarity Builders Do?

As solidarity builders we educate ourselves about runaway inequality and we share information with others, always looking to reach out to those who already may not agree with us.

This could include:

>>Reading Runaway Inequality: A Social Activist’s Guide to Economic Justice. (There are discussion questions at the end of each chapter. (If you want to set up a reading group, books are available at cost plus shipping.)

>>Joining one of our upcoming online video workshops. (If you join Runaway Inequality you’ll hear about upcoming workshops by email.)

>>Downloading and reading the curriculum. (Follow the link. There are trainer and participant versions of the workbook.)

The next step is to take action.

Action means helping people see that all our issues are connected because of the massive increase in wealth and income in the hands of the few.

Action means sharing the charts and talking points in the workshop curriculum to talk to neighbors, members of your church and community groups, co-workers, family, and friends, especially those that don’t already agree with the idea that runaway inequality is a key problem in all our lives.

Action means common ground and actions (voting, local candidate support, letter writing, etc.) to build solidarity and make progress on runaway inequality and all interconnected social and economic justice issues.

Growing the Network

To have an impact on a country as large as ours, we all need to grow the Solidarity Builder network. Each workshop, each presentation, and each educational encounter should encourage participants to spread the word.

Finally, please share your experiences [report events] with others in the network so that we can all learn from each other. They’ll be posted on the News page at website and across social media.

It’s time to build a mass movement powerful enough to reverse runaway inequality before it tears us even farther apart. Together, we can make an enormous contribution.

We are honored that our materials are supporting these efforts. (All royalties and revenues from the book sales and training programs are being plowed back into the educational campaign.)

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