Join the Educational Campaign to Reverse Runaway Inequality

We’re Teaching America How to Reverse Runaway Inequality. Join Our Education Campaign If You’d Like to Help.

Resistance is breaking out all over. Millions are eager to help take back our country from corporate interests and the hard right. To get
there, we need educators—thousands of them—to spread the word.

During America’s first epic battle against Wall Street, during the Gilded Age of the Robber barons, the Populist Movement of the late 19th
century sent 6,000 educators to help small farmers, black and white, learn how to advance their own self interest and reverse the runaway inequality that was then ripping apart our nation. A powerful movement grew to take back our country from the moneyed interests—an effort that ultimately led to Social Security, the regulation of Wall Street and large corporations, and legal protections for working people on the job.

Corporations and their political lackeys have been trying to undermine these protections ever since, by dividing working people by race, sex, union status, and any other way they can. We need a new army of educators to spread the word about how runaway inequality is linking all of us together. We’re buidling that army, one training session at a time, and more than 3,000 people have gone through training sessions.

We are helping groups all over the country conduct workshops based on the facts and figures assembled in Runaway Inequality, the book, and accompanying curricula. You can download the participant’s workbook by clicking here.

Why training programs?

  • Runaway inequality will not cure itself. There is no hidden mechanism in the economy that will right the ship. Financial and corporate elites are gaining more and more at our expense.
  • The financial strip-mining of our economy impacts all of us and our issues—from climate change, to mass incarceration, to declining incomes, to labor rights, to student loans.
  • It will take an organized mass movement to take back our country from the hard right. That means no matter what our individual identity (labor, environment, civil rights, etc.) we also need to take on the identity of movement builder. We all come together or we all lose.
  • We can start the building process right now by sharing educational information with our friends, colleagues and neighbors.

Union and community groups all across the country are already engaged.

  • The Communications Workers of America has trained scores of worker-trainers who are providing eight hours of education to 1,000 CWA members, who will get a day off from work to attend.
  • Citizen Action NY has trained 40 trainers who are conducted programs throughout New York State.
  • The Work Environment Council of New Jersey, in cooperation with the New Jersey Education Association and other unions and community groups, has more than 40 trainers who have reach a 1,000 labor and community members.
  • A similar program for union members and environmentalist is running in the San Francisco area.

We are honored that our materials are supporting these efforts. (All royalties and revenues from the book sales and training programs are being plowed back into the educational campaign.)

Please join us in this effort. Contact us to discuss how you can help spread the word. We need you. We need each other.

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The Labor Institute

Communication Workers of America

Citizen Action of New York

New Jersey Work Environment Council

United Steelworkers

New Jersey Education Association

Communities United NJ

National Nurses United

Blue Green Alliance

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