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We’ve had the good fortune to give more than a hundred presentations and workshops on runaway inequality and movement building this past year. Out of this process two major goals have emerged:

  1. For progressives the goal is to help us see that we have to get out of our issue silos and join together in a common movement — that in addition to any other identity we have, we need the identity of movement builder.
  2. For those who migrated from Obama to Sanders to Trump, the goal is to understand the severity of runaway inequality and how it is crushing working people. As in the first goal, the information is used to show how many problems are connected and why we need a common movement to address them.

We’ve given this rap to union groups where half the members supported Trump. It goes over well.

For all of us, the education also opens up a discussion of common agenda to reverse runaway inequality.

  • Will any of this make a difference?

The answer depends on many factors that we can’t control:

  • Will large institutions decide to join together to build a new formation?
  • Will the protests now springing up around resistance to Trump coalesce into to a sustained movement?
  • Will the Sanders forces gain control of the Democratic Party?
  • Will a Sanders-like person run for president in 2020?
  • Will unions make movement building a primary goal?

We can’t control those things, but we can control education. We can build an educational movement based on the idea that when large numbers of people actually have the information and the space to discuss runaway inequality,  good things happen. Without education we really have no direct way to move people and change directions. So our hope is that we can lay the foundation for a grand coming together of a national movement that crosses issue silos and attracts the Obama-to-Sanders-to Trump voters.  (See How To Win Back Obama/Sanders/Trump Voters)

What you can do now

Here are six ways you can serve as an educator:

1. Share materials on Runaway Inequality: You can take materials on runaway inequality and share them with others. Just showing one of your favorite charts or graphs could make a difference. (Many charts can be found at the newly updated curriculum for the Reversing Runaway Inequality workshop .)

2. Start runaway inequality reading groups:You can set up a book club with friends, neighbors and colleagues to dig more deeply into the literature on inequality. (You will have access to the book Runaway Inequality at the lowest possible costs.)

3. Serve as a petition educator: You can ask people and groups to sign the “Reverse Runaway Inequality Now! Petition .” In doing so you also will have to explain the issue and why the proposed solutions will help. Also you will be helping to recruit more petition educators. Learn more about how it can be shared, and how names can be collected.

4. Become trained as a trainer : This is designed for those who might have opportunities to conduct from 2-hour to full-day workshops using the curriculum for the Reversing Runaway Inequality workshop . The train-the-trainer workshops are one- to two-day training sessions that will be held across the country.

(Those of you who already are skilled trainers can run with the curriculum. Please do and let us know where and when you train.)

5. Join the speakers bureau: This involves giving 45-minute PowerPoint presentations to large groups to introduce them to the ways financial strip-mining is tearing apart our country and what we can do about it. These speakers also serve a key recruiters for the educational network.

6. Media group We are setting up a media group that can move the ideas and materials through social media and regular media.

Thanks again for volunteering your time and effort. We need you. We need each other.

all the best,


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