We’ve Updated the I Want to Be a Trainer Map. September 20, 2019 Edition

The latest list shows 625 wanting to be trained, with another 46 thinking about it.

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Here is our national map, without the three would-be trainers in Hawaii.

And here is a map gallery of the regions:

We’ve Updated the Trainers Map, May 16 Edition

We’ve Updated the Trainers Map, May 16 Edition

We’re up to 651 people who want to be Reversing Runaway Inequality trainers. Here’s where they are:

The United States and a relocated Hawaii
The Southwest
The Southeast
The Midwest
The Northeast
Closeup of Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Washington DC and New York City

We’ve Updated the Trainers Map

More than 550 people have signed up to be Runaway Inequality trainers, helping us organize local training sessions across the country. See where they live! (Right click and click Show Image in New Tab for a bigger version.)

The West.
The East.
The South.
The Northwest.