Reversing Inequality Workshop Set for September 8 in Wilmington NC

Its no secret that the rich are getting richer while the rest of us are finding it harder to make ends meet. Why do the top one percent get all the breaks while others struggle to find a good job, live in fear of a major health crisis, and get buried under growing debt? Many of our country’s problems are getting worse because of one major issue: inequality. Our economic and political systems currently serve the wealthy, but is this inevitable?

We invite you to an interactive workshop in Wilmington, North Carolina, designed to help everyday people understand the rules of the game and what can be done to ensure that everyone gets a fair chance at the American dream.

This event is presented as part of the Peoples Climate Movement, an effort to promote economic and racial justice under the banner of Climate, Jobs and Justice. This workshop will highlight the relationship between economic inequality and environmental hazards, which are worsening as the distribution of resources (monetary & natural) becomes increasingly unequal. In solidarity with the Peoples Climate Movement, this event is co-presented by the Cape Fear Group of the Sierra Club, the Alliance for Economic Justice, the Communications Workers of America and Cape Fear River Watch.

This event will include a light breakfast and lunch. This event is free, but space is limited. Please RSVP online today:

Registration will end on Friday, September 7 at 12PM.