A Review of Runaway Inequality in New Solutions: A Journal of Environmental and Occupational Health Policy

The bulk of the review by Harris Gruman sits behind the paywall. You can buy short-term access ($36!) or get in if you’re a subscriber, but the lead paragraph is worth quoting:

“Les Leopold has a mighty ambition for all of us. Like Populist Era “lecturers,” [he believes] we need to educate the people of our land about the economoic big picture in order to build a coherent national agenda and movement. His book, Runaway Inequality, is offered as a handbook for that work, a manual for educators and self-organized reading groups to get a grasp on the interconnectedness of our situation through the lens of growing inequality. This goal is set out compellingly in his introduction. Such a project of uniting theory and practice requires a daunting combination of talents—presenting complex processes in comprehensible and persuasive ways, balancing anger and hope, being opinionated without being one-sided—and Leopold makes a laudable contribution to that effort with this work.”

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