Labor-Environmental Train-the-Trainer: CWA, USW, Sierra Club, Bluegreen Alliance, in Oakland CA

This is a report about a Train the Trainer session held in Oakland CA in September 2017, with members of the Communications Workers of America (CWA), United Steelworkers (USW), Sierra Club, and BlueGreen Alliance.

After a successful pilot workshop with labor and environmental activists earlier this year, Runaway returned to Oakland for a joint two-day train-the-trainer session. Twenty-six newly minted trainers from CWA, USW, the Sierra Club, and the BlueGreen Alliance will take the education back to their locals and chapters.

A coordinating team of all four organizations will pair up labor and environmental trainers to bridge the false divide between blue and green issues. Across the country and the world, the people most at risk from climate change are low-income and working people. And taking on climate change requires a movement that tackles runaway inequality and financial strip-mining. As the late Barry Commoner said, “Everything is connected to everything else.”


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