Training the Trainer: United Auto Workers (UAW) Region 9A Conference

This is a report on recent Runaway Inequality work at the UAW Region 9A Conference, in August 2017.

Runaway inequality trainers held workshops for all 120 participants at Region 9A’s annual conference. Trainers ran four simultaneous workshops, including our first ever in Spanish for conference delegates from Puerto Rico.

UAW Region 9A director Julie Kushner explained why she invited us. “Since the presidential election, I’ve been thinking we need to do a better job helping our members connect the dots between economic justice and political solutions. I heard about the ‘Runaway Inequality’ education module at the Working Families Party national meeting. I knew right away that the subject matter and format would be perfect for our leadership. This program not only educates and informs but incorporates action.”

Feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive for both the content and the workshop format: “I liked how everyone was encouraged to participate and take turns at being the speaker. I normally hate these kinds of break out group things but this was great.”

Kushner: “The Runaway Inequality program―with data, statistics and an action-driven agenda―was universally well-received. Our leaders who struggle with membership that vote against their own self-interest were the most enthusiastic participants. Everyone wants to bring this program to their plants and offices.”

Delegate Renford Whynes from UAW Local 2377 in Stamford, CT, put it more directly: “Education like this allows me to go out there with the zeal and desire to teach somebody. I’m on a mission.”

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