The NY Times, Covid, and race. Plus, lately, income.

We’re collecting New York Times articles on COVID-19, race, and class to better understand how the media is accounting for the spread of the virus. We’ve noticed that some of these accounts leave out any mention of income or occupation, while others tend to conflate poverty with people of color.

Our research suggests that occupation and income are major factors in determining who is getting sick and who is dying. Race, clearly, is a critical factor, even more so when combined with lower-income occupations deemed “essential.”  Being a recent immigrant from Latin America, especially an undocumented one, also is a powerful risk factor given the exclusion of that population from most public health services, as well as the necessity to work out of the home.  And, of course, being over 65 years of age is a leading risk factor in addition to race, immigration status, and income.

More recently, we’ve noticed that more articles are mentioning the connections to income and occupation. This is a step in the right direction, but all of our work would be greatly enhanced if the government actually collected and released COVID-19 data on the incomes and occupations of those who have contracted the disease. It seems few want to say the obvious — if you are very well off financially, you are far more likely to be able to insulate yourself and your family from this deadly disease. Runaway inequality is a very big risk factor for us all.


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