Dear RI: Who Is Working to Reverse Runaway Inequality?

A photo from a recent session in Cleveland, of people figuring out how to reverse Runaway Inequality. A note from David Bitter: May 13, 2017 I wanted to thank-you for inviting me to attend the May 2017 “Reversing Runaway Inequality” workshop in Cleveland, Ohio. After pondering the experience for a while I would also like to share some thoughts from my perspective. At this unique point in time we face significant challenges associated with not only our desire for various forms of social justice but we also face environmental challenges that, unless satisfactorily resolved, may determine whether human beings face extinction …

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Les Leopold Northern California Speaking Tour May 17-20

Runaway Inequality author Les Leopold will be speaking about Reversing Runaway Inequality at events in Northern California — May 17-20. Please see the schedule below and reserve your space! May 17- UU Fellowship of Redwood City – 2124 Brewster Ave, Redwood City – 8pm RSVP here: May 18- Indivisible Santa Cruz – Louden Nelson Community Center – 301 Center St, Santa Cruz – 6pm (RSVP to OR ) May 19- NextSpace Coworking Berkely, 2081 Center Street, Berkeley – 6pm (RSVP: May 20- Resistance Bootcamp – Alameda Point – 7pm  (RSVP:

A Review of Runaway Inequality in New Solutions: A Journal of Environmental and Occupational Health Policy

The bulk of the review by Harris Gruman sits behind the paywall. You can buy short-term access ($36!) or get in if you’re a subscriber, but the lead paragraph is worth quoting: “Les Leopold has a mighty ambition for all of us. Like Populist Era “lecturers,” [he believes] we need to educate the people of our land about the economoic big picture in order to build a coherent national agenda and movement. His book, Runaway Inequality, is offered as a handbook for that work, a manual for educators and self-organized reading groups to get a grasp on the interconnectedness of …

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How the Runaway Inequality Educational Project Got Started

This is from the email Les started sending people who signed up for more information about becoming a trainer or joining the campaign. We’ve moved it here so anyone who is interested might find it. “As an economics educator, I was asked by the Communications Workers of America (CWA) in the Spring of 2015 to conduct five half-day sessions for Verizon workers on the need for movement building. None of us were sure what that actually meant but I said I’d give it a go. At the time, I had a rough draft of the book, the chapters of which …

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Fan Mail to a Runaway Inequality Trainer

The Communications Workers of America held a Runaway Inequality training session recently, and heard back from one trainee: Hi Joe, THANKS for such eye opening info!  It explains so much… Some Democratic Senators like Chris Holleran addressed the very situation (in coded language like “uneven distribution of gains” referring to the spoils of the economy going to the haves, not the have nots) in last week’s Banking, Housing & Urban Development Hearing on Monetary Policy w/Janet Yellin. I can tell you more about that…. I’m definitely interested in taking the follow up class. I hope these trainings will be given …

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What You Can Do Today! is posting on its site action suggestions you can do each day. Phone calls work! The list of all Resist Day posts is here. Be sure to visit regularly, for news and analysis. Here are their suggestions for things you can do Every Day! What You Can Be Doing Everyday Check out the Indivisible Guide’s “Capitol Calendar.” See if there’s a local Indivisible group in your area. If there isn’t, start one. ‘The Resistance Calendar‘ also has a running schedule of events and actions. Sign up to receive ‘Daily Action‘ on your mobile device Everyday: Make your voice heard …

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The Resistance Calendar

Many people have asked us where to find a listing of protest actions against Trump and inequality in a central location. So many asked we considered building out a calendar on our own. That job was daunting, which is why we were glad to discover (thank you Michael Moore!) The Resistance Calendar. It is a clearinghouse for information about marches and demonstrations provided by organizers. If you’re looking for a collective action in your area, you may find it here. If you’re an organizer looking for people to participate in a march or demonstration, make sure to list it here.